Sheila Corbett
Sheila and bob
Sheila and her father at the factory's Armistice Day service.






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Lorna Corbett, Bob Corbett

NOTE: This article is written from an in-world perspective.

Sheila Corbett is the youngest child and only daughter of Bob and Lorna Corbett. She is played by Natasha Greenblatt.




Lorna CorbettEdit

Lorna is Sheila's mother. She is very proud of Sheila, encouraging her to pursue a career in medicine.

Bob CorbettEdit

Bob is Sheila's father. Bob fought in WW I and was injured by shrapnel when he jumped over a trench. With severe trauma to his legs, he spent months in the hospital, where eventually ankylosis (stiffness of the joints) set in. The ankylosis left Bob bound to a wheelchair, unable to walk. Taking care of her wheelchair-bound father as she was growing up has helped her developing skills in her profession. Bob appears to be close to his daughter, complimenting her sewing and teasing her about her crush on Marco Moretti.

Vera BurrEdit

Vera Burr is a floor worker at Victory Munitions and a co-worker of Sheila's mother Lorna. She is hospitalised after having her scalp torn off in an industrial accident. Sheila helps to nurse Vera during her recovery. Vera takes advantage of Sheila's trusting nature to secure extra sleeping pills, in the hopes of overdosing before her discharge from the hospital.

Marco MorettiEdit

Marco is the materials controller at Victory Munitions and a co-worker of Sheila's mother Lorna. Sheila, along with several of the nurses at the hospital, has a mild crush on him.

Stanley CorbettEdit

Stanley is Sheila's twin brother. He is an infantryman in the Canadian Army.

Gene CorbettEdit

Eugene Corbett is one of Sheila's two older brothers. He is a gunner in the Canadian Army.

Ned PatelEdit

Narendra "Ned" Patel is a young Indian doctor at the hospital where Sheila works. They often eat in the cafeteria together and meet up for their coffee breaks. Sheila brings him as her date to Gene's homecoming dinner.

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